Kalamatuz v- oh huntress oh predator

She stalks through the foliage, her feet gliding through the damp earth, her breath coming in short silent spurts, her ears cocked to all sounds from the sleeping forest attentive, waiting, impatient.

Her heart beats a crazy rythmn in her chest, an owl hoots a few Paces infront of her, causing her blood to run fast and cold in her veins but she maintains her outward demeanor. No sweat covers her brow, her hand doesnt shake where it holds the spear.

They stalk behind her, their dark fur blending with the leaves and trees, their hateful breaths sending cold shivers down her spine. They are five, she could count them by how their anticipatory sighs swept on her fur, making her shiver.

Almost there, almost there..

She chants

Blue monkey steps through the boundary that separates their lands and Aragans lair, all warmth seeps from her body and she turns in one fluid motion sending her spear through one of the minions who is right behind her stupid enough to think she coukd hear, couldnt feel his hatred at the back of her neck. He lets out a cry as dark blue bood flows out of the hole in his chest and he collapses gurgling, the blood soaking the land, her spear is already out aimed at the next one who leaps at her from the shadows, a war cry on his toungue, she holds the spear with both hands and pushes it through his stomach, lifting him up and throwing him behind her shoulder. She stabs another behind her with the back of her spear, pushing him back a few steps but still they hit harder from all sides, some with clubs most with fists, more with gruesome hand made weapons as is the way of the Araga.

The blows bring her to her knees, she sees blood, she tastes blood, her vision blurs as one drives his fist through the side of her neck.

She laughs.

Drawing all pain into her, all rage, shr pictures her brother silver monkey lying there, his body turned to dust, the earth weeping for him, her world dieing for him. The blows keep coming, and still she laughs a painful keening sound…

Then she explodes.


kalmatuz iv- the beginning

the village is right in the middle of the  valley, a quaint place dotted with several smoking huts made of bamboo branches, mud and wild flowers the hut are so much a part of the forest birds nest on top of them creating a symphony of color and sound as the monkeys go about their lives.

blue monkey and father walk behind queen. she,glides through the air, her feet not touching the ground, her fur a blinding white, but every monkey villager stands up taller when she passes. her radiance spreading trough all of them, infusing them with strength and peace. blue monkey is awed by her mother,

” i will be that someday” she whisper, the prospect thrills and scares her at the same time. father stands tall beside her, his black goat skin draging behind him as if a cape. queen turns around and smiles at them,

” where is my errant son, he knows we have to..”

silver monkey jumps from a tree, smiling,

“am here mother..”

‘that’s queen to you boy..” father says sternly

“come on father..

the  explosion is loud and sudden, throwing the monkeys a few feet off the ground before sucking them back in an un relentlessness gravitational pull. the whole village screams in pain as their fur ins burnt and limbs are broken. a series of more blasts  erupt around the village in coordinated rhythm forcing the monkeys to retreat screaming into the mountains, the fire is hot and fierce a blood thirsty master, pulling all into his unquenchable thirst.

“oh mother helps us, help us!”

the queen rises up from the smoke and dirt and fire, an avenging angel of light, she spreads her arms wide and the fire comes to her, all of it flowing to her chest, the villagers all glance up at her, at their queen, their mother their savior. all knowing what comes next and no one able to stop her.

she takes all the fire inside her, all the pain, and suffering, restoring broken bones, turning back time  as if nothing happened. finally she fades as the smoke would have.

“mooootthheerr…” screams blue monkey


fifteen miles south  in Aragans lair

he leans weakly on his walking stick, his war council all looking at him expectantly. he feels the breath fill him making him stringer as soon the the queen breaths her last. he stands up straighter

“we attack in the morrow”

Kalmatuz II- silver monkey dies


“Noooo,!” Screams the blue monkey running on all fours towards the prone figure of the silver monkey.  She stops besides the body and takes his head on her hands,  daring him to breathe,  begging him to move.  Silver monkey opens his glazed over eyes and stares  at her,  she is crying wildly her screams echoing through the valley and bouncing back to her.  Silver monkey closes his eyes  the blood from his wound turning black as soon as it hits the ground,  the black spreading  all around them as if an ulcer,killing all the green from the grass.  Kalamatuz abhors murder. Any innocent blood dropped on the valley turns toxic,  killing everything on site. 

Blue monkey drops silver monkeys head and shuffles back,  moving away from the toxic blood,  her screams still loud and painful as if wrenched  from her very soul. She beats her chest and roars,  pulls the fur from her arms and head and dances around the silver monkey,  now thumping her chest now swinging on her fore arms. She keeps up this ritual for a while until all the life essence drains from silver monkey and the place where he once lay is nothing but charred earth and a lonely spear.

She drops next to the burnt earth,  exhausted,  her tears spent. She lies down staring at the spot where her brother once lay,  and with every breath she took,  her pain crystallized into anger then icy revenge,  she lay there until her heart froze over in her chest.

“I must go to father..” She whispered